How do I fit more desks in a small office?

Step into the world of office ergonomics, where our goal is to effectively utilize space, especially in smaller office areas. Fitting desks neatly into an area while maintaining a productivity vibe can be a challenge.

It's not about overcrowding the room with desks; it's about maximising the limited space.

Arranging Desks in a Small Office

First, let's explore how to align the desks in a small area. Positioning the desk centrally in the workspace creates a flow within the room, fostering easier mobility.

If the desk has to be against the wall, try arranging visitor chairs in accessible areas rather than cramming them against a wall. Keeping wall areas clear gives the illusion of a larger space and prevents the room from appearing stuffed.

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Accommodating three desks in a compact office

For three desks, consider adopting a U-shaped desk layout where each desk sits against a wall, creating an open U facing the office entrance or window. Such an arrangement maximises the floor area and ensures each user has a personal workspace.

Fitting two desks in a diminutive office

When dealing with two desks, set them up face-to-face in the center of the room, enclosing the island in a space that is open for storage or even a fold-out couch.

Should face-to-face positioning be too distracting, inserting a privacy divider between the desks could alleviate this issue. Back-to-back positioning can also offer additional personal space.

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Maximising Space in a Diminutive Office

Making the most of the space in a petite office can seem daunting. Prioritize multi-functional furniture like desks with integrated storage or seating with built-in filing. Ensure efficient use of vertical spaces by installing shelves or hanging organizers.

Keep the floor clear by minimizing under-desk clutter, and consider wall- or ceiling-mounted lighting instead of freestanding lamps.


Creating a conducive workspace in a small office is no mere task. It necessitates strategic planning and judicious use of space. From deciding on the most efficient desk arrangement to optimizing the available room, every aspect plays a crucial role in maximizing the space.

Keeping these tips from Desky in mind will help you achieve a well-arranged, space-efficient small office that fosters productivity. Remember the golden rule: less clutter and more open spaces give the illusion of an expansive room. Happy arranging!

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