How can I make my keyboard more ergonomic?
In today's digital landscape, how we engage with our keyboards can make a significant difference in our overall health and productivity. With this in mind, let's dive into essential tips on enhancing your keyboard’s ergonomics.

How Do I Make My Keyboard Ergonomic?

What you want is to minimise strain by locating your devices comfortably. Have your keyboard and mouse close to you, avoiding unnecessary stretching when you use them.

Your keyboard's ideal position is approximately 2 inches from your desk's front edge, with your mouse in line with it. This positioning provides sufficient space to support your wrists.

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What Makes a Good Ergonomic Keyboard?

When comparing ergonomic keyboards with traditional flat ones, the former's defining benefit is a gentle curve that allows natural hand alignment. Most ergonomic models come with a wrist rest which provides added comfort while typing.

What is the Most Ergonomic Position for Typing?

When setting up an ergonomic workspace, ensure your keyboard's height permits your elbows to bend around 90 degrees and stay close to your sides. Many ergonomic keyboards come with wrist supports that facilitate a neutral and slightly straight wrist positioning.

If your keyboard lacks this feature, consider acquiring an adjustable tray or a wrist rest. Setting the right height is a critical aspect of ergonomics. For more on this, you might want to check out our article on, What is the Correct Height For A Desk?

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What is the Most Ergonomic Angle for a Keyboard?

Accommodating diverse user needs, the ISO standard (ISO 9241‐410) necessitates the back of a keyboard to be adjustable. This standard dictates an adjustable range of 0 to 15 degrees, yet angles between 5 to 12 degrees often yield optimal comfort and productivity.


Making your keyboard ergonomic is an important step towards optimal comfort and productivity in your workspace. Remember to keep your keyboard close and slightly raised, maintain a natural hand position, and consider the use of wrist supports.

As encouraged by the ISO standard, adjust the back of your keyboard between 5 to 12 degrees for the best results. With these tips and a quality standing desk, you’re now equipped to enhance your keyboard ergonomics, leading to healthier and more productive work habits.

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