Are felt desk mats good for gaming?

While embarking on a gaming endeavour, you may have considered the role a felt desk mat can play. Primed to provide a comfortable surface for resting your hands during game play, felt desk mats can enhance the gaming experience.

So, to the question "Are felt desk mats good for gaming?", an affirmative response is warranted.

Is a Felt Desk Mat Good for Gaming?

Felt desk mats present a myriad of advantages for avid gamers. Renowned for their comfortable texture, they act as an ideal surface for long gaming sessions, providing relief to your hands while typing, writing, or using gaming peripherals.

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An additional feature includes the capacity of these mats to absorb water swiftly. Felt materials display remarkable resilience in returning to their normal state after exposure to liquid.

As for cleaning, a simple brush over the surface effectively removes debris, ensuring the mat remains in optimal condition for your gaming activities. This is especially useful for those engaged in casual gaming.

Can You Use a Desk Mat for Gaming?

Undeniably, desk mats prove invaluable for gaming purposes. Primarily, they offer a smooth, comfortable, and protective platform for smooth mouse tracking and keyboard use.

In addition, desk mats enhance the visual appeal of your gaming setup, presenting an organised, professional aesthetic. And considering the extensive range of desk mats and desk pads at Desky, finding your perfect match will not be difficult.

Does Felt Work as a Mousepad?

Understanding the benefits of a felt mousepad is crucial to its effectiveness for gaming. It presents a large, accommodating surface for flawless mouse movement, negating any abrupt glides or drags.

Moreover, felt has a good moisture absorption capacity, ensuring the surface remains dry and comfortable for use. Another fantastic attribute of felt mouse pads is their temperature-regulating prowess.

Felt material, due to its woolly fibres, behaves in a manner that maintains a comfortable surface temperature across all seasons. Gone are the concerns of a too-cold or too-hot mousepad affecting your gaming prowess; they are comfortable year-round.

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Are Felt Desk Mats Scratchy?

A crucial consideration is the texture of the felt desk mat. Unfortunately, synthetic felt or hybrid felts have been shown to be rather coarse when touched, due to their coarser fibres and lesser density compared to pure wool felt.

Given that your hands will frequently come into contact with the mat, the choice of material is pivotal. To discover more about what makes the best desk mat material, you may find our faq on desk mat material quite informative.

For an affirmatively smooth texture and high quality, 100% merino wool is indeed your best bet. It offers a superior feel, ensuring your gaming experience is the most comfortable one.


In conclusion, the answer to "Are felt desk mats good for gaming?" is indeed a resounding yes. Yes, due to their comfortable texture, high utility, and the numerous advantages they bring to the gaming experience.

From providing a protective surface for your gaming peripherals to enhancing the overall aesthetic of your setup, their role in a gaming setup is insurmountable. For an optimal gaming experience, choosing a desk mat made from 100% merino wool, known for its smooth texture and high-quality feel, like our Desky Felt Desk Pad, is your best bet. Happy gaming!

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