Jordan Kahu Reviews The Desky Alpha Dual Sit Stand Gaming Desk

Chur everyone! Welcome to my first ever review. It's going to be on the Desky Alpha Dual Sit-Stand Gaming Desk. As you guys know, I love my gaming, so a good desk helps.

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Easy Setup And Installation

The setup to the Desky Dual Electric Standing Desk is super easy. Good instructions, not too many screws. It took me, probably, an hour, maybe, to set it all up by myself, so, obviously, if you had someone help you, it'll be a lot quicker than that. As you are aware, in the current world that we live in now, a lot of people are streaming and working from home. A lot of the time, it's been on one of these desks. Having a good desk, obviously, is going to help a lot.

easy setup and installation

My old setup was, I had one desk for gaming, and then I had another desk for all my editing. They are a bit separate and it was just annoying to float between both, take cords out, plug them into the other station and go back and forth. It was just a nightmare. To have it all in one place where I don't have to do any of that anymore is so important. I guess the only thing that's bad about it is that now, my PS5 is where I edit and where I edit is where my PS5 is.

User-Friendly Control Panel With Custom Preset Heights

One of my favourite parts about this desk is this control panel right here. Obviously, I've been an athlete myself, and when I'm sitting down, spending a lot of time, gaming, or editing, I need to stretch my legs every now and then, so, having these buttons help a lot. Obviously, these two buttons help you go up and down, and these desk height preset buttons you can set to whatever height you want. All you have to do is raise your desk to a height you'd like, press M, and then press the number you'd like it to be set to. This saves it as a preset. I have my sitting height preset at number 1 and I have my standing height preset at number 2.

laptop stand

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Also, being a dad of 3 young kids, it's awesome to be able to put the desk this high, so my kids can't touch anything that's on the table or mess up any of the cords, a big bonus. Obviously, when I got this desk, I needed a couple of accessories to make it just that little bit nicer. I ordered the monitor arms. I ordered one of the headphone stands and I ordered the laptop stand. The laptop stand is just easy because I don't need two monitors. I can just get home, put the laptop straight onto the mount, open it up, and then go from there.

headphone stand

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Dual LED Gaming Monitor Arms

A cool thing about the Dual LED Gaming Monitor Arms is the cool little LED lights set at down the bottom. There're also a couple of USB ports, headphone jack, and microphone jack. All you need to do is, with the cord that's provided, hook it up to your computer, and then you can use that to charge your own devices. Another cool accessory to have on this desk is this cable management organisers. It keeps all your cords and everything as neat as possible. There are a lot of cords when it comes to streaming and gaming so this came in super handy.

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Desk Colour And Customisation

Obviously, you’ve got to clean this up a lot better, but there are, probably, 20 or 30 cables in there, and for them to not hang down like this, helps a lot. I chose the black desk because I wanted to go for that dark moody vibe in my office. Obviously, when I'm gaming, that's the type that I would go for so that's why I picked this table. Another awesome thing about this table is that it has all the room in the world for my gaming setup. Obviously, it has room for my PS5, my switcher, my microphone and my camera.

desk colour and customisation

So yeah, there it goes, my first ever review on YouTube, the Desky Alpha Dual Sit Stand Gaming Desk, such a stunner of a desk where you want to sit down and start your game, stand up, stretch the legs, sit back down the rest of the game, keep going up and down up, up and down, up and down. I highly recommend that. I'll make sure I leave the links to the desk below and the links to Desky below, so you guys can go and check out what you think you might want for your home space, but right now, I'm going to go catch some dudes in the good leg. I'll see you guys next time, and as always, Chur!

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The Desky Alpha Dual Standing Desk – Features and Specs

  • Height range of 23.62 - 49.21in
  • Weight capacity of up to 308.65 lb
  • Height adjustment movement of 36mm/second
  • Dual motor lifting system
  • 10-year warranty on parts
  • Anti-collision system
  • Noise reduction at 40db in motion for almost-silence lifting
  • Features stability and strength in our heavy-duty desk frame
  • 3 stage telescopic legs

Considering the Desky Dual after Jordan’s video introduction? Personalise your desk to match your space with our range of desktops and finishes. You’ll also benefit from selecting one of our various desk shape options, for a more natural, comfortable ergonomic position.

How long will your desk last and what happens to our lifting motors over time? Backed up by our 10-year warranty on parts, our concealed motor system hidden in the legs on a durable frame will last the rigors of daily office tasks and gaming. This means your desk will be stable and reliable for years even with daily height adjustments from sitting to standing, while bearing heavy loads of equipment. Our dual-motor desks are also designed with a wide range of user heights in mind so you'll certainly be able to customise desk height according to your needs.

If you're looking for the perfect standing desk for your space, the Desky Alpha Gaming Desk is sturdy, durable and ergonomic. Whether you want a stand-up or sit-down option depending on your mood, or whether you’d like to move more to improve your health, we think the Desky Dual is a great choice. With its customisable desktop design and choice of leg colour, you'll be able to choose the ideal configuration to suit your needs and aesthetic preferences. Plus, we've got lots of additional accessories like monitor mounts so that you can work comfortably at home or at the office without straining your neck!

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