Which chair is good for sitting?

When it comes to long hours of sitting and working, selecting the ideal chair becomes a pressing issue. Navigating through the wide selection of chairs with differing features and benefits can be overwhelming.

This article seeks to answer some pressing concerns regarding office chair selection for long periods of sitting.

What kind of chair is best for long sitting?

The kind of chair that is best for long sitting is an ergonomic chair that provides adequate support, comfort, and adjustability for the user. An ergonomic chair can help prevent or reduce the risk of musculoskeletal disorders, such as back pain, neck pain, and carpal tunnel syndrome, that are associated with prolonged sitting. One example of an ergonomic chair that meets these criteria is the Desky Pro+ Ergonomic Chair.

The Desky Pro+ Ergonomic Chair is a stylish and versatile chair that features a breathable mesh back, a fabric seat with a waterfall edge, a synchro-tilt mechanism, and a supportive headrest.

The chair also has height-adjustable arms, back, and headrest, as well as a tension control knob that allows the user to lock the chair in three different positions or leave it open for a fluid range of movement. The chair has a sturdy five-caster wheel base that enables easy repositioning and a seat capacity of up to 150 kg (330 lbs).

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Is it better to sit on a soft or hard chair?

Just as Goldilocks discovered, the sweet spot for comfort doesn't lie at either extreme. According to medical research on seating configurations, overly soft chairs can cause your back muscles to work harder to maintain proper posture and support your body’s weight.

As surprising as this might seem, a firmer chair often proves to be more beneficial for your back. It encourages you to maintain a healthy posture, thereby reducing undue strain on your muscles and improving your overall comfort.

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What type of chair is best for posture?

Postural alignment is a critical factor to consider when choosing an office chair. Ergonomic chairs, specifically those with adjustable support, can accommodate varied body shapes and sizes, making them a wonderful choice for posture improvement.

One notable example is chairs with adjustable lumbar support that fit your lower back, curving away from the back of the chair. This feature encourages a natural spinal curvature, thus significantly improving posture. Check out our extensive range of ergonomic chairs designed to support good posture.

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Maintaining a healthy posture during work is crucial to avoid undue strain on your body. In the quest for the "best chair for sitting," consider a blend of comfort, support, and adjustability. Chairs such as the Desky Pro + Ergonomic Chair aptly fit this criterion, offering personalized support and promoting a healthier posture.

Remember, sitting excessively on a very soft chair can be detrimental to your back. Opt instead for a firmer chair that promotes active engagement of your muscles. Lastly, make sure your chosen chair accommodates your body shape and size well enough to support good posture.

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