Where is the best place to put the L-shaped desk?

Locating the optimal position for your L-shaped desk can drastically improve productivity, comfort, and the aesthetics of your workspace.

An L-shaped desk brings versatility and function to the table, fitting seamlessly into corners or floating centrally in a room to create a dynamic working environment. Here, we answer your queries with substantiated advice for your L-shaped desk placement.

Can You Put an L-Shaped Desk in the Middle of a Room?

Absolutely, L-shaped desks are flexible and adaptable to various room layouts. They nestle snugly into a corner, saving valuable space, but if you desire a focal point for your room, positioning an L-shaped desk centrally may be the solution.

To utilize wall space, place one edge adjacent to the wall or create a V-shaped alignment for increased depth and work surface.

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Where Should an L-Shaped Desk be Placed in Feng Shui?

L-shaped desks have a distinct shape and size that necessitate certain Feng Shui considerations. In the Feng Shui discipline, command positions is crucial.

Thus, the L-shaped desk ought to be at the back of the office, leaving ample room behind. This placement cultivates a sense of control while preserving much-needed Chi, or positive energy flow.

Where is the Best Place to Put a Desk in a Room?

Your desk should be positioned as close to a natural light source as possible, promoting concentration and relieving eye strain. This doesn't necessarily mean your desk faces the window, which may lead to distractions.

Setting your desk perpendicular to the window often creates the perfect balance of light and focus. Additionally, selecting the optimal desk mat material can add to both comfort and aesthetics.

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Is the L Desk on the Right or Left?

You'll find L-shaped desks accommodating, whether you prefer your return on the right or the left. A desk with a “left-handed return” situates the primary desk portion in front of you, and the return to your left.

Conversely, an L-shaped desk with a “right-handed return” is simply the opposite, offering maximal comfort no matter your preference.


Identifying the perfect location for your L-shaped desk involves balancing several factors, including Feng Shui principles, available space, and access to natural light. Whether nestled in a room corner or stationed centrally, the L-shaped desk harmonises practicality, aesthetics, and comfort.

By taking these tips from your ergonomic office furniture specialists, you'll unlock your workspace's true potential, fostering a positive, productive environment for you to flourish.

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