What can I use as a desk cover?

So, you're wondering, "What can I use as a desk cover?" Look no further. This concise guide delivers top-notch, specialist-approved advice on everything related to desk covers. Enhance the aesthetics of your workspace while ensuring the longevity of your desk's surface.

What Can I Use To Protect My Desk Top?

A fantastic and ergonomic solution comes in the form of desk pads, which can also be utilized for writing. Employees might particularly appreciate them on office conference tables.

It's wise to avoid desk pads with plastic backings as they could result in scratches. Instead, opt for ones made of leather or fabric. These are gentle and effectively buffer your table surface.

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How Can I Protect The Top Of My Desk?

Don't disregard the material of your desk protector. High-quality, robust materials, including PVC, tempered glass, and high-density polyethylene, are most sought-after due to their durability, scratch resistance, and low maintenance.

Prior to purchasing, specifically assess the size. It's essential that the desk pads align correctly with your table and sufficiently shield the surface against potential scratches and stains.

How Do You Cover A Damaged Desk?

A damaged desk need not cause dismay. There's an easy, efficient solution to that as well: a desk cover. A tablecloth or desk cover acts as a protective veil, concealing any blemishes or damage the wood has sustained over time.

Not only does it hide imperfections, but it also enriches the aesthetic value of the desk, often elevating the overall room decor.

Can You Cover A Desk With Contact Paper?

Yes, absolutely! Contact paper provides a refreshingly contemporary approach to covering a desk. It demands an accurate measurement of the desk dimensions. After cutting, ensure you have some extra contact paper for the margin.

Begin by carefully peeling back a small section of the contact paper's backing and applying it to the desk. Ensure you smooth out any emerging air bubbles in the process.

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Steps to Cover a Desk with Contact Paper:

  1. Measure desk dimensions accurately.
  2. Cut the contact paper, keeping a slight excess.
  3. Peel and apply starting from one end, smoothing out any air bubbles as you proceed.


Your quest for "What can I use as a desk cover?" ends here. By arming yourself with desk pads or a stylish desk cover, and with the knowledge of viable materials, you can keep your desk top in prime condition.

A damaged desk can easily be upgraded with a chic, cost-effective tablecloth. Spruce up an old desk with contact paper, adding a modern touch to your workspace. Here's to redefining practicality with sophistication, proving there's no compromise between the two.

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