Should I put my desk in the corner?

Are you wondering where your work desk can be best placed for optimal use? Many people grapple with the question, "Should I put my desk in the corner"? Understanding the benefits and limitations of this configuration can assist your decision-making process. This article digs deeper into this matter.

Should your desk be in the corner?

In terms of maximising your workspace, a corner desk proves to be a viable choice. Such positioning affords you extra space on either side, making it ideal for executing a diverse range of tasks.

You can effectively channel your workflow, having a computer on one side and using the other side for writing, filing, or storage. Research demonstrates that an organised workspace can boost productivity levels.

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Where is the best place to put your desk?

No matter if your desk is L-shaped or straight, positioning it near a window may be beneficial. Window-facing walls are excellent for nearly all office desks. The use of natural light in this setting has advantages, such as a more tranquil workspace.

However, readily-available outdoor breaks aren't a given, considering the nature of work routines. Additionally, the Feng Shui arrangement of your desk may impact your comfort and productivity. A study highlights the positive impact of light exposure on mental health and productivity.

Are corner desks better?

Corner desks come with an ergonomic design that makes them apt for smaller offices or homes. Their shape not only exudes an aesthetic appeal, but it's also functional.

For example, L-shaped or corner standing desks allow for alternating between sitting and standing postures. As we highlighted in our article, the height of your desk is crucial, and such desks make it easier to adjust the height.

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Disadvantages of corner desks

Despite their advantageous capabilities, corner desks entail certain disadvantages. Chief among these is that the design makes it difficult for others to sit opposite you.

Unlike a conventional desk, corner desks compel you to have your visitors by your side. These can often lead to uncomfortable interactions.


Should a desk be placed in the corner? This depends entirely on your needs. Desks that offer corner orientations provide ample working space, making them a great solution for smaller rooms or homes.

However, their unique structure may sometimes obstruct face-to-face interaction. No matter where you decide to place your desk, always consider how space usage affects productivity and well-being.

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