How do you make a drawer for a study table?

Creating an additional space, like a drawer for your study table, is an effective way to improve organization in your workspace. This article will provide a step-by-step guide on how to make a drawer for a study table.

Can You Add Drawers to a Desk?

Certainly! Individuals can either purchase pre-constructed under-desk drawer units such as the Desky Minimal Under Desk Drawer or embark on a DIY project to make their own using freestanding drawers on the side of the desk as an excellent non-permanent addition. .

How Do You Make a Drawer Step by Step?

  1. Plan Your Project: Begin with a design, including dimensions and materials. This initial planning stage is vital to ensuring a smooth building process.
  2. Assemble Materials: Gather all necessary materials, such as screws, wood, a screwdriver, and brackets. Reviewing assembly reviews can also be helpful.
  3. Measure and Cut: Measure the wood according to your design and cut to size. It's crucial to measure twice and cut once to ensure accuracy.
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  1. Build the Drawer Box: Assemble the drawer box by attaching the sides, back, and bottom pieces. Make sure each joint is secure.
  2. Attach the Front: Attach the drawer front to the box. This will be the visible part of the drawer, so ensure it's straight and appealing.
  3. Install the Drawer: Finally, install your drawer into your desk using the brackets. Ensure it opens and closes smoothly.

While building a drawer may seem daunting, it can be a rewarding project that provides you with much-needed extra storage on your study table.

How Do You Make a Computer Table with Drawers?

Making a computer table with drawers follows similar steps as making a drawer. The major difference lies in the construction of the table itself before the drawer installation step.

Ensure that the table design can accommodate the drawers and that the desk height conforms to ergonomic standards for a computer workstation. An adjustable sit-stand desk, such as the ones in Desky's collection of Standing Desks, can be a good starting point.

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How Wide Should Desk Drawers Be?

Ensuring that your desk drawer has adequate width is pivotal for its usage. Bottom drawers should hold at least a standard letter-size paper lengthwise, which sets the minimum width at around 12 inches.

If the drawer is situated over the knee space, depth becomes the restricting factor—typically no more than 4 inches to avoid interfering with the person's knees.


Creating a study desk drawer is a practical solution for those in need of workspace organization. Whether you build your drawer from scratch or choose to install pre-constructed ones like the Desky Under Desk Drawer, the steps outlined in this article will help you navigate the project and improve your workspace quality.

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