How do you clean a wooden desk?

Struggling with a wooden desk that stains too easily or collects too much dust? It's a common problem, but we are here with a solution.

In this comprehensive guide, we will discuss the appropriate methods to keep your wooden desk sparkling without damaging its stunning look.

Cleaning a Grimy Wooden Desk

Identifying grease, dust, or smudges on your elegant wooden desk can be frustrating. However, you can regain the desk's glamour by implementing a simple cleaning process.

Mixing water with a bit of vinegar and some olive oil makes a superb cleaning solution. This potent trio works wonders: vinegar effortlessly removes sticky dirt, while olive oil moisturizes the wood, giving it a fresh and shiny outlook. Remember, a soft cloth will work best for applying the solution.

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Mixing the Solution

  1. Add a tablespoon of vinegar to a bowl of water.
  2. Add a few drops of olive oil to the mixture.
  3. Dip a clean cloth in it, squeeze out the excess mixture, and proceed to wipe the wooden desk surface.
  4. Finish by drying off the solution with a dry fabric to prevent warping of the wood.

Preferred Cleaner for Wooden Furniture

When it comes to cleaning wooden furniture, mild and non-abrasive cleaners take precedence. Products specially designed for wooden surfaces nourish the wood while ensuring it stays clean.

Eco-friendly cleaners, such as those based on citrus, are an excellent choice too. They also keep harmful chemicals at bay, preserving both the environment and your desk.

Is water acceptable for cleaning wood furniture?

Water and wooden furniture, unfortunately, aren't the best of friends. But careful usage of water can indeed assist in cleaning, especially when diluted with other cleaning agents.

Remember to use it sparingly with a damp cloth and ensure that no waterlogged spots are left to avoid water marks or warping.

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What is the best way to clean wooden surfaces?

Strategies to maintain wooden surfaces range from choosing the right cleaning agents to using the correct cleaning approach. Specific techniques, such as directing the cloth along the wood grains, help reinforce the surface's aesthetics and durability. Regular cleaning schedules also ensure the longevity of your desk.

Additional Tips:

  • Varnished wood requires a little moisture, so feel free to add a little water to your cleaning agent.
  • For unvarnished wood, simply dusting regularly may be sufficient.


Cleaning wooden desks need not be challenging. A simple homemade solution of olive oil, vinegar, and water could just be your best bet against dirt and grime. Remember, the longevity and aesthetic of your wood depend significantly on the cleaning routine and cleaning solutions you opt for.

By keeping your cleaning efforts consistent and efficient, your wooden desk will reward you with its glossy appeal for years to come. If you are still choosing your perfect desk, consider reading on How To Choose A Desk, before making your purchase.

For more comprehensive information on cleaning and caring for wooden desk tops, check out our How To Care & Clean Wooden Desk Tops.

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