How do I turn my desk drawer into a keyboard tray?

In the evolving world of ergonomics, a well-placed keyboard significantly amplifies work comfort and productivity and mitigates the health risks that usually accompany long sitting hours.

One practical solution lies literally beneath your fingertips: transforming your desk drawer into a resourceful keyboard tray. Let's explore the process together.

How Do I Install a Keyboard Tray Under My Desk?

As an ergonomic study suggests, the placement of a keyboard greatly impacts typing comfort and overall posture. Aligning a keyboard tray under your desk becomes easy when you follow a simple method.

Firstly, choose a drawer that's conveniently located and has enough space for your keyboard. Then, remove the drawer and detach its sliders. You will need to install these sliders under your desk, where your drawer initially was.

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Make use of screwdrivers and drills, and once completed, the main part of the desk drawer functions as your new keyboard tray.

Remember, making sure your keyboard is in the central position ensures that your hands align with your forearms directly. This positioning lessens fatigue as well as potential strain injuries.

Why Don't Desks Have Keyboard Trays Anymore?

We might notice a trend of modern desks lacking designated keyboard trays. Ergonomic designers believe keyboard and mouse placements have evolved and no longer require additional trays.

Additionally, certain studies indicate that keyboard trays sometimes restrict leg movement and lead to awkward wrist positions. However, this isn't a uniform rule, as suitable adjustments can be made to avoid these issues, such as in these bespoke keyboard trays from Desky.

Are Desks With Keyboard Trays Better?

Ergonomists unanimously agree that a well-placed keyboard tray enhances the ergonomics of a workstation. The benefits range from added comfort, reduction of fatigue to decreased risk of musculoskeletal disorders.

The key is to ensure that the tray is adjustable to suit individual needs, promoting an optimal typing experience in any kind of adjustable sit stand desk. While not necessary for everyone, they can greatly improve comfort for many.

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How High Should a Desk be for a Keyboard Tray?

An essential facet of keyboard tray placement lies in its height. According to Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety, your arms should remain at your sides with elbows bent at a 90-degree angle. This rule means your keyboard tray should be elbow-height, allowing your hands to rest leisurely on the keyboard.


Converting a desk drawer into a keyboard tray can significantly augment your workspace's ergonomic value. This unique setup encourages correct wrist and hand positioning, directly impacting your comfort, productivity, and health.

Ultimately, the quality of your work experience lies in how well-adapted your workstation is to your needs. By making simple modifications, like installing a keyboard tray, we give ourselves the gift of comfort and efficiency.

As illustrated in this home office setup guide, you can easily undertake this project and enhance your work environment significantly. Keep in mind, every change, no matter how small, contributes to a more productive, comfortable, and healthier workspace.

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