How do I transition from sitting desk to standing desk?

Transitioning from a sitting desk to a standing desk can offer an array of health benefits, but it's important to approach the change mindfully. An abrupt transition could cause discomfort or even potential health issues.

Let's look at how to safely and effectively adjust to your new workspace arrangement.

How do I transition from sitting to standing desk?

For those unaccustomed to it, standing for extended periods can quickly become tiresome. As such, it's advisable to integrate the change gradually into your routine.

To facilitate this, try setting an alarm every hour, encouraging you to stand for one or two minutes. Over time, you could increase this duration. Do ensure your footwear provides adequate support during these standing intervals, to alleviate strain on your feet.

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How do I move from sitting to standing at desk?

Just like in an exercise program, it's crucial to ease into using a new standing desk. In the initial week, dedicate a five-minute standing stretch every hour, while alternating with sitting or moving during the remaining time.

You'll notice that as your back and legs become accustomed, you can gradually increase the standing intervals to 10 minutes, and eventually up to 15 minutes the following week. This progress ensures that you will be less likely to experience undue discomfort.

How long does it take to adjust to a standing desk?

Each person's adjustment time to Height Adjustable Standing Desks varies, but the average timeframe is around two weeks. During this period, you might experience some early fatigue, which is completely normal.

Be persistent, but avoid overexertion. The adjustment period could be seen as a small hurdle towards achieving a more active and healthier workspace arrangement.

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How often should you switch between sitting and standing desk?

It's recommended to change positions between sitting and standing approximately every 30 minutes. A diverse movement is advantageous to our overall health and wellbeing.

Some standing desks, such as High-Quality Corner Standing Desks come with built-in timer functionality to assist with this, so make sure to utilize these features if available.


Ultimately, the switch from a sitting desk to a standing desk is a valuable step towards a healthier work style. By implementing these suggestions and listening to your body, your transition can be smooth and beneficial.

Be certain to start small and gradually increase your standing time. Above all, patience and persistence will significantly influence your success in adapting to this beneficial workspace innovation.

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