How do I stretch my neck on my computer?

Ever been locked into your computer screen for so long that your neck begins to hurt? We've all been there. But did you know there's a whole range of easy-to-do, effective exercises that can help?

Read on to learn more about stretching your neck on your computer and how to effectively manage and prevent computer-related neck pain.

Stretching Your Neck: Easing Computer-Related Discomfort

By maintaining a seated position and ensuring the head stays level with the ground, you can perform an easy, yet effective neck stretch. Simply retract your head and chin as though attempting to create a dual chin, while avoiding any forceful pushing.

What you'll feel is a stretching sensation along your neck's backside. This exercise helps in alleviating discomfort and improving neck flexibility, as suggested by Spine-Health.

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Attacking Computer-Induced Neck Pain

Several physical adjustments and exercises can address neck pain from computer use. Initially, you might want to consider your computer station's ergonomics. Proper keyboard and monitor positioning, paired with a good office chair, can drastically reduce neck discomfort.

Combining this with a setup from our home office setup guide ensures an ergonomic space that works with you, not against you. You can also integrate gentle stretches and breaks into your work routine to help maintain good posture and ease neck strain.

Effective Neck Stretches While Seated at Your Desk

Seated neck stretching can be an efficient way to counteract the toll sitting at a desk can take on your neck. What's crucial is to follow the right form. Start in a neutral position with your chin parallel to the ground. Engaging your neck muscles, gently draw back your chin.

You'll feel a stretch at the base of your neck. Repeating this routine several times a day can help keep neck pain at bay. A perfect complement to these stretches can be Desky’s standing desks which promote movement and encourage correct posture, helping prevent pain.

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Stretching Your 'Tech Neck'

"Tech Neck" occurs from frequent downward gazing at our tech gadgets. A recommended counter exercise is the 'Superman' stretch.

Lie prone on the floor, arms extended above your head and angled outward. Keep your neck erect and lift your limbs off the ground, holding for a few seconds. Performing this routine repetitively—about 10 times in sets of 3 – can remediate the symptoms of 'Tech Neck'.


Effectively dealing with neck discomfort stemming from computer use involves both proactive and retroactive measures. Enhancing workstation ergonomics, integrating regular breaks, and performing these specific neck stretches can mitigate and prevent neck pain.

Should you feel discomfort when you're sitting for extended periods, it may be that your desk is too high. Recognize this as an opportunity to adjust your setup. We hope this guide has been informative and beneficial in helping you take care of your neck and overall well-being while using a computer.

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