How do I choose a standing desk frame?
Navigating the choices when selecting the ideal standing desk frame can seem daunting. However, following these expertly curated pointers will help you make the right decision.

What to consider when purchasing a standing desk?

Features to take into account when buying a standing desk frame include the frame's sturdiness, its load capacity, and, most importantly, the flexibility to adjust the height to the user's preference. According to the health experts, the flexibility to switch between standing and sitting can elevate productivity and boost overall health.

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Therefore, an adjustable height is one of the paramount considerations when investing in a standing desk frame. To better guide you into choosing the perfect standing desk, one can refer to the article on How To Choose A Standing Desk.

Understanding the overhang of a standing desk

The overhang of a standing desk refers to the protruding part of the desk beyond the frame. However, excessive overhang may affect the overall balance and durability of your desk.

Measurements reveal that the perfect standing desk should not have more than 5 inches of overhang. It is crucial to carefully measure the overhang to ensure the frame and desk surface accommodate each other appropriately.

Deciphering the ideal ratio for a standing desk

Your standing desk is not just a furniture piece; it is a lifestyle change aimed at improving posture, enhancing productivity, and promoting healthier work habits. But what is the right balance between sitting and standing? A study spearheaded by the University of Waterloo suggests the perfect ratio of standing to sitting lies between 1:1 and 3:1.

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Thickness choices for a standing desk

Equally important to consider is the thickness of your standing desk. The thickness plays a crucial role in ensuring the strength of your desk.

We recommend a minimum thickness of 1 inch for the desk to withstand daily usage efficiently. While a 3/4 inch may seem applicable, an inch or more thickness is preferable for enhanced durability.


Choosing a standing desk frame requires careful attention to several factors including adjustability, balance, usability, and thickness.

By striking a balance between standing and sitting, respecting the 5 inches overhang rule, and opting for a desk with a minimum thickness of 1 inch, one can master the art of choosing the ideal standing desk. Pursuing these guidelines can lead you towards a more productive, healthier workspace environment.

Selecting a standing desk frame becomes not just a shopping errand, but a journey towards healthier work habits. Your choice can be a reflection of an enhanced working lifestyle.

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