How can I hide my power cords on my desk?

"In a universe of sleek technology and wireless accessories, tangled power cords pose an unsightly interruption. As leaders in ergonomic office design at Desky, we often hear, "How can I hide my power cords on my desk?".

This guide will outline methods for managing and hiding these pesky cords in your workspace.

Attempting to Hide Cords on a Standing Desk?

Standing desks provide a range of health benefits but also present issues of cord management. Standard solutions include using methods to hide cords at a standing desk, such as hiding cords behind the desk, using zip ties to group cords together, or utilising desk grommets to channel wires neatly to the power source.

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Also consider features like built-in wire management systems, such as those provided on select Deskys. Plenty of handy desk accessories are available for cord management. Consider cable sleeves, clips, or magnetic cable holders that secure excess wiring and give your desk a tidy appearance.

Managing Power Cords on Furniture

Wires, not limited to the office desks, can disrupt home aesthetics. Quick fixes include utilising adhesive cable clips to route cords behind furniture or using decorative cord covers that match your interior design.

Longer-term ideas could involve drilling small holes into your furniture to hide cords or considering wireless technology to lessen the need for wires.

Make Use of Multi-Plug Extensions

Through a superior desk setup, Multi-plug extension cords can reduce the number of individual cords coming to and from a piece of furniture. This single cord can then be concealed more effortlessly.

Concealing Cords on the Counter

There are many ways to hide cords on the counter, depending on your preference and budget. Try cord shorteners, cable boxes, or using multi-plug extensions hidden behind the counters.

Another option is adorning cords as part of your design. Match the cord color with your decor or use them as a design feature like adding fairy lights to a cord. This integration adds a unique charm to your space.

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Concealing Power Points and Cords

Cord management isn't just about wires going from A to B, but also the space near the power points. Using furniture to conceal power points or using cord concealing boxes to hide the mess near these points can help.

Get Tech-Savvy

Transitioning to wireless technology is the future. This helps to reduce the number of power points and cords in your workspace or home.


At Desky, we believe tidy workspaces stimulate productivity. Armed with these tips, you'll be on your way to a clutter-free workspace with neatly managed cords. Embrace a future where tangled power cords are a thing of the past.
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