Can you use a shelf as a desk?
In a challenging endeavor to optimize workspace, various solutions like utilizing a shelf as a desk emerge. But is it functional and worth the re-design? Let's delve in to find that out.

Are desk shelves advantageous?

Indeed, desk shelves bring along a myriad of benefits, including increased organizational space. The key lies in the height of the shelf, which allows for the elevation of screens, contributing to the formation of an extra layer of space.

With this setup, you're guaranteed a more productive utilization of your desk area, creating an ideal environment for accomplishing your daily tasks seamlessly.

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What's the purpose of a desk shelf?

Desk shelves, or monitor stands as others may prefer to call, serve a thoughtful purpose in our workspaces. Their primary function is the creation of an intact work surface beneath them, a provision that adds value to your workspace usability.

With this additional tier, items such as speakers, plants, and other accessories find a perfect and convenient space. Ultimately, this kind of setup offers an opportunity to have a streamlined and efficient workstation.

What is a floating desk?

Floating desk is a unique type of furniture that plays a significant role in space optimization. It's a desk that you can mount on your wall and unfold whenever you need to use it, hence the term 'floating.'

While not literally defying gravity, its design allows you to retract or lower it at will, providing a work surface that saves on your room's floor space.

Learn how to hide the cords at a floating desk here. 

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How high should a shelf be above a desk?

Correct shelf placement is quite critical when using a shelf as a desk. Ordinarily, you should place the shelf about 22 to 24 inches above the top of the desk, especially when dealing with open shelves or uppers, this height is sufficient to clear most computer screens. It might also leave enough space to accommodate undercounter lights.


To sum it up, employing shelves as desks can be an ingenious way to save space and maintain an organized workspace. Desk shelves provide an additional layer, enhancing usability while floating desks introduce a form of mobility and space optimization.

However, keep in mind the need for correct shelf placement above the desk to ensure a suitable working environment. Whether for remote work or general productivity, these options offer a promising solution to tackling workspace limitations.

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