Can you manually adjust an electric desk?

Ever found yourself questioning whether an electric desk is adjustable manually? This inquiry surfaces frequently in the office interior sector. In the following, we garner insights on how this can be achieved.

How do you adjust an electric adjustable desk?

Generally, electric adjustable desks boast a straightforward mechanism for height adjustment. This is maneuvered via an electronic controller. It holds memory settings alongside buttons for up-and-down adjustments. Whenever you find the need to change the desk height, simply press the respective button.

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Basic Operation:

  • Press the up button to raise the desk surface
  • Press the down button to lower the desk surface

However, it is also essential to note that this operation varies from model to model. Always adhere to the instruction manual provided with your Desky height adjustable standing desk.

How do I manually adjust my desk height?

Caution: Before attempting to manually adjust your desk height, please contact the manufacturer of your desk frame and follow their guidelines. If you are not confident or experienced in performing manual adjustments, please ask a qualified person to assist you. Improper manual adjustments may damage your desk frame or cause injury.

While electric desks are generally operated electronically, some circumstances may necessitate manual adjustments. To execute a manual adjustment, certain tools, such as an Allen wrench, are often needed.


  • Loosen the screws on the desk's legs
  • Alter the desk to the desired height
  • Retighten the screws

How do you manually move a standing desk?

To change your standing desk position, simply lower the desk to its smallest height, remove all items, and then push the desk carefully to the new location. This method ensures a safer and more stable movement. Take note of the required space for a home office desk when planning the new location.

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How do you manually adjust an uplift desk?

When manually setting an uplift desk, the added procedure of resetting the desk controller is required.

Complete Process:

  • Push either the UP or DOWN button; this sets the desk to the measured height.
  • Wait for the display to change back to "RST."
  • Press the DOWN button until the desktop lowers, then rises slightly, and the display reverts back to a numeric height setting.


In conclusion, electric desks can indeed be manually adjusted and moved. If an unforeseen circumstance impedes electronic adjustment, the manual mode becomes a handy alternative. Always remember to use specified tools, follow safety protocols, and ensure the utmost care during the process.

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