Are balance boards good for your back?

As an ergonomic furniture specialist at Desky, we get plenty of queries on balance boards and their effect on the back. Let's tackle this intriguing subject and uncover some interesting facts.

What are the disadvantages of balance boards?

Balance boards boast several health benefits, including enhanced posture, back strength, and overall balance. However, individuals must approach them carefully, considering potential drawbacks, primarily for those with existing mobility issues.

People with ankle weakness, knee issues, or balance problems may find balance boards challenging to use, potentially raising the risk of falls. Always use your standing desk correctly and consult a healthcare professional prior to integrating a balance board into your routine.

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Is it good to stand on a balance board all day?

Extensive standing on balance boards can be beneficial for people with no existing balance or mobility limitations. However, such extensive use may pose risks, including potential falls and joint strain.

Hence, we recommend interspersing your workday with regular breaks from the balance board, promoting optimal health and safety.

Key factors to consider:

  • Mobility: Ensure you have good balance and mobility before using a balance board for extended periods.
  • Breaks: Regularly alternate between standing on and off the balance board to avoid stress and strain on your joints.
  • Risks: Be aware of the inherent risks and practice safety precautions, such as wearing appropriate footwear and using the balance board on a non-slip surface.

How long should I use a balance board?

Though an exact duration is difficult to pin down, as it inherently depends on individual mobility and fitness levels, an ideal target is to maintain balance on the wobble board, preventing the edges from touching the ground for over two minutes.

Regular practice helps enhance your performance over time. If you struggle with maintaining your balance when standing on a board, start with safe balance exercises like these from MayoClinic.

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How effective are balance boards?

Balance boards function as versatile fitness tools, providing whole-body training. Their usage boosts stability, strength, and endurance and reduces the risk of injuries and chronic back pain, effectively improving posture.

Both professional athletes and fitness beginners reap these exceptional benefits, attesting to the balance board's effectiveness.


In conclusion, balance boards can yield significant benefits for your back if integrated sensibly into your routine, considering existing mobility limitations and integrating safety precautions.

By being mindful of potential drawbacks, taking necessary breaks, and aiming for incremental progress in balance duration, you can optimise the use of a balance board and experience the remarkable difference it brings to your physical health and posture.

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