Are armless desk chairs better?

Is there a definitive answer to whether armless desk chairs are superior? While an armless office chair can create additional space for mobility and placement, its advantage may not be universal in every situation.

Is It Better to Have an Armless Office Chair?

The diversity of workspace needs demands an array of office furniture options, among which armless desk chairs are popular. These chairs provide users with a greater range of motion and the freedom to sit in various positions.

More space is a significant advantage when you need to move or switch tasks frequently in a dynamic work environment. While these benefits are undeniable, keep in mind that armless chairs may not be the best option for everyone.

Employee requirements and tasks that involve extended periods of sitting or maintaining stability should also be factored in. According to NIH research, workers may experience discomfort and musculoskeletal disorders from improper sitting positions.

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Is It Better to Have Arms on a Desk Chair?

Armrests play an unseen yet critical role in ensuring office chair comfort. Using armrests when standing can lessen the force exerted on your hips, enhancing mobility.

When you engage in activities like typing or operating a mouse, armrests can provide the required support to maintain straight wrists and position your arms closer to your body.

Keeping your hands at or slightly lower than your elbows' level can encourage better posture and reduce the risk of developing tendinitis, as suggested by the Mayo Clinic.

What Is the Problem of a Chair Without Armrests?

Chairs devoid of armrests may not be everyone's cup of tea; they might affect your posture negatively and potentially dent your productivity.

Discomfort and distraction might plague you throughout the day with improper back support, compromising your performance. According to research published by NCBI, correct ergonomic support is crucial for maintaining body alignment and overall comfort.

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What Are the Disadvantages of Arm Chairs?

While the benefits of armed chairs are evident, certain potential cons require consideration. Some people find the armrests hinder their ability to move freely.

Also, armrests that are not adjustable can exacerbate bad posture if they do not allow a person's shoulders to remain relaxed and their elbows to bend at a comfortable angle. Arm chairs typically demand more space than their armless counterparts, which can be a downside in smaller offices.


Armless or armed, the best chair for your workspace depends significantly on the individual needs and tasks at hand. Opting for an armless chair can offer mobility and space-saving advantages; in contrast, an armchair can provide robust support to prevent musculoskeletal issues.

Be sure to give serious consideration to both the pros and cons of each type before making your final choice. After all, comfort plays a central role in productivity and overall well-being.

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